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CONCEPT SIX Series is a collection of specially designed theme-skins, all based on modifications to the default theme installed with REAPER.

CONCEPT SIX supports multi monitor awareness, and is suited for Retina, 4K, 1920p and 1080p displays. The themes are divided into three categories: Basic Color, Multi Color and Dark Mode.

Basic Color (BC)
BC Series are virtually same as the original release, displaying a basic colored background for all non-selected tracks, and clear color strips together with highlighting for easy visual navigation. There are two basic color variants in the BC Series: BC Extended and BC Pimped Up! Very easy on the eyes and interchangeable. Furthermore there’s Basic edition which is a light version of the full featured themes.

All theme variants are continuously updated to ensure they work best possible with the newest features in REAPER. There’s also a customized Theme Adjuster that pairs exclusively with CONCEPT SIX. It can be used to manage and recall specific settings for each theme variant. This Adjuster has a dark blue background and special features including an expanded coloring section with distinctive palettes and linked actions.

BC Extended

The theme-check function in REAPER makes it possible to use CONCEPT SIX as a highly dynamic interface. With the Theme Adjuster you can set rules for A-, B- and C-formatted layouts, and automatically recall different settings when switching between themes. Keep in mind, settings will always load per theme, and if you have chosen to show specific layout elements in one theme, the same elements could be hidden when switching to another.

CONCEPT SIX was originally developed for high resolution displays. Many elements are designed with delicate details in mind, and fully justified when displayed in high density. In addition, all variants now include resources for standard resolution, to be used also with smaller or even mixed screen sizes.

Multi Color (MC)
MC Series has a more pronounced, perhaps traditional way of showing track colors, and some elements have a stronger appearance to ensure visual balance. Preferences can also be set so that REAPER draws outlined ‘peak edges’ on displayed waveforms.

All elements in the MC series are completely color streamlined, including the heavily modified V5 channel strips, and a full set of color-matching Toolbar Icons (500+), that will automatically change and correspond to the active theme variant. Furthermore, the MC Series include alternate colors for volume controls, even for the master mixer.

It is important to note that the MC series is specifically designed to use with the Color Control feature in REAPER. By having two variants in both bright and dark tone, it is possible to fit CONCEPT SIX into different lighting environments, still preserving a natural appearance.

MC Producer

MC Integral

Dark Mode (DM)
CONCEPT SIX – DM Series is especially suited for dark inverted system appearances, however the included themes works fine also for normal mode. The background of the arrangement is toned down, allowing media items and automation to stand out bright and clear. All themes in the DM Series include additional variants displaying bright media items.

For a full ‘dark mode’ experience, showing all control buttons and lists on dark window backgrounds, it is mandatory to run an operating system with a complete dark interface. Depending on the type of system, some OS customization may be required to achieve such UI. Here’s an example of a dark style for Windows 10. With macOS10.14 or later, there’s a native Dark Mode available.

DM Onyx

DM Xenon

DM XenOny – mixed Dark Mode variant
DM XenOny is primarily based on DM Onyx and has more custom color coverage as in DM Xenon.

You may have noticed there’s another variant in the BC Series named Pimped Up! This skin is based upon ideas from different theming experiments. Apart from this, Pimped Up! is actually a complete and powerful ReaperTheme that support all the latest features including monitor awareness.

BC Pimped Up!

Serious time has been spent developing the theme variants and custom Adjuster. All themes are continuously revised on the basis of important user feedback and new ideas. Also it is an ambition to maintain compatibility with new features and functions in REAPER.

To get an idea of how CONCEPT SIX behave, you can start by trying out the Basic edition, and then move on to other variants. For questions and inquiries, please use the contact form below, or get in touch via the social forums.

If you would like to follow the social blog and read news about the development, you can head over to the related thread on REAPER Forum. You are also invited to join the Facebook Group: REAPER-CSIX where we can share experiences on this or other themes and discuss ideas, tips and tricks on how to shape the amazing REAPER DAW.

For installation, please refer to the CONCEPT SIX GUIDE with instructions on how to set up the theme, it’s only a few easy steps to follow. From there on, any update and even new theme variants use the same basic installation, same fonts, icons etc.

Finally, when you get familiar with the layouts and options, you’ll most likely experience a highly creative flow when working with CONCEPT SIX for REAPER!

Installation instructions, screenshots and useful tips.
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Basic Color Series

CSIX – BC Extended
CSIX – BC Pimped Up!
Multi Color Series

CSIX – MC Integral
CSIX – MC Producer
Dark Mode Series

CSIX – DM Onyx
CSIX – DM Xenon

CSIX – DM XenOny
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All theme variants from BC, MC and DM Series.

Basic theme edition with added content.


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