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Thank You for your interest and perhaps ongoing support to the CONCEPT SIX project. If you have been using CSIX BASIC for Reaper, I do hope it’s been a good experience so far!

I am pleased to announce that a number of important updates and also brand new skins have been finalized and added. A LOT of work has been done and over 11,000 files have been written to complete the task! All these files also transforms CONCEPT SIX into a collection of skins, which are now divided into two categories; The free Basic Color series and the not so free Multi Color series. Here’s a short description of each:

Basic Color (BC) series
The Basic Color skins are practically same as the original BASIC release, with addition of two new variants using alternative theme colors; ocher-brown and red-maroon, both of them very easy on the eyes and perhaps nice for a little change. Also there are some small additions and elements that have been trimmed or adjusted for an even better experience.

All theme functionalities are updated to take advantage of the latest and greatest features in Reaper6, and there’s also a new modified and re-skinned Theme Adjuster that can be used universally for all variants of the BC and MC series. Apart from the latest features in the Default6 theme adjuster, this customized edition for CONCEPT SIX has some special features and also an extended color page with hand-picked palettes.

The new kind of ThemeCheck in Reaper also opens up further possibilities to use CONCEPT SIX as a highly dynamic ReaperTheme, since you can now define a special set of settings for the A, B and C Layouts, e.g. in the BC-Green variant, and automatically recall a completely different set of settings when switching to another BC or MC variant. Just keep in mind that settings for each theme variant will be recalled individually, and, if for example you have chosen to show specific elements in the BC-Green theme, these elements could be hidden when switching to BC-Maroon.

Multi Color (MC) series
The new Multi Color skins introduce a more pronounced and traditional way of displaying custom colors on all tracks. In addition, the skins contain a number of redesigned elements to ensure an overall better balance, as there are now more colors throughout the interface. The MC series also offers more flexibility in user settings, where definitions of Media Peaks Edges, Track Labels and Media Item Icons have been revised for improved visibility and usage.

MC skins also has a number of alternative fader caps for inserting on various panels even for the master mixer. All elements in each MC product are completely color streamlined, including the added V5 channel strips and a full set of color-matched Reaper Toolbar Icons (500+), that will automatically change according to the active MC variant.

It is important to note that the two MC variants are specifically designed to use with the new Color Control feature in Reaper 6. By having two purposely designed variants in both light and dark appearance, it is possible to adjust contrast and saturation in a more gentle way to preserve important color information, and with option to make CONCEPT SIX fit many different lighting environments, still displaying a natural and useful appearance.

Like the BC series, the MC series was also originally designed for Hi-DPI environments. In addition, both series include resources for lower resolutions, and they look almost the same. I continuously work on adjustments and corrections for even more similarity.

You may have noticed there’s also a free BC Pimped-Up! ReaperTheme in the downloads. This skin is not really meant to be used for serious work, and is built upon elements and ideas from different theming experiments. However, I hope it can be fun for others as well, and before laughing too loud, you should know that Pimped-Up! is actually a complete and powerful ReaperTheme that works with all the latest features including monitor awareness!

I want to say that I am very thankful for all the positive feedback and support I have received since the initial release of CONCEPT SIX BASIC, and if you are among those who have kindly supported the project by donating, I hope all the latest updates, additions and variations will satisfy your expectations of me keeping the product alive.
A serious amount of time has been put into the recent BC updates and also the new custom adjuster, all available for free from this page, as well as from the Reaper Forum. Latest CSIX BASIC ‘small-installer’ will continue to be available from the Reaper Stash server, but the full BC bundle is simply too large for that place. When the documentation pdf has been updated, I will also put it here for easy access.

The new series: MC Producer and MC Integral.

About the donation to be able to download the new MC INTEGRAL and MC PRODUCER, I have tried if I can some way make them available to demo, but have not found a solution to this. I encourage to try out the free series, which will give a very good idea how all CONCEPT SIX variants are behaving on different operating systems, as well as what features to have with the MC series. When time permits, I will create examples of them in action and show some more details.

Of course I have to say that I’m very proud of the MC variants, and they have become favorites also for client related projects in Reaper. To me, they are simply in a league of their own, lifting Reaper to another level! That said, the BASIC versions are still very satisfying to sit in front for long hours and I will continue to use them as well.

Happy music, video, -or sound making! 🍻🎸☀️
sorry for typos and grammar

(BC series)

CSIX – BC – Green (Basic)
CSIX – BC – Brown
CSIX – BC – Maroon
CSIX – BC – Pimped-Up! (experimental)

(MC and BC series)

CSIX – MC – Integral
CSIX – MC – Producer

And also:
CSIX – BC – Green (Basic)
CSIX – BC – Brown
CSIX – BC – Maroon
CSIX – BC – Pimped-Up! (experimental)
Donate to support the work and further development of these skins, or download for free.

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To have access to the MC skins included, a minimum donation of 15 Euro is required.

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TERMS AND USE OF DIGITAL DOWNLOADS: The available graphic material is for personal use only and cannot be shared with a third party. Included artwork may be used only with NoDerivatives; If you remix, transform, or build upon the graphic elements, you may not distribute or share the modified material. With the exception of the enclosed Reaper 6 track and toolbar icons, all included artwork is made available with the rights belonging to the creator (© 2020 ADDITIVE.AUDIO). The provided digital content comes without guaranteed technical support and without any further obligations to the end user. The releases are basically beta revisions, and with a more practical name in terms of changes and updates. The available ReaperThemes have not been fully tested on all existing operating systems or configurations, and no guarantee is given that issues or bugs will be solved, or are even possible to resolve. Donations are considered as contribution to support the project with a no refund guarantee. All skin elements are compiled into ReaperThemes, and built as modified versions of the Default 6 theme to ensure the interface works with the features in Reaper 6. If someone have interest to modify the enclosed theme scripts they may do so at own will, as I have no special ownership in that part. Any donation or exchange of goods here is only to support the continuous motivation to create unique graphic elements. If you would like to follow the social blog and read news about the development, feel free to follow the discussion on the REAPER FORUM. You are also invited to join the Facebook Group: REAPER-CSIX where we can share experiences on this or other themes and discuss ideas, tips and tricks on how to shape the amazing Reaper DAW.